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Microsoft CRM Dynmaics: The Good, the Bad and the Massive

I’ve been working with Microsoft CRM dynamics for about three years now, with a couple of different clients. Both clients use CRM is quite different ways, and having varing levels of customisation and integration. Here is a shortish list of my experiences with it, and thoughts around what to consider when choosing and implementing it.

Loading Dynamic Data Into Our Map

Following on from last time, we will now add dynamic data to our map. Will we have the webpage use dynamic ajax calls to load data from the server.

First thing is to get a simple webserver up and running. We must host the website and the data feed at the same address for security reasons (although this can be got around using JSONP). I’ll use a simple ruby sinatra server:

require 'sinatra'
require 'json'

get '/' do'index.html')

Building a Webmapping System

We will look at how easy it is to create your own web mapping platform.

First we will start with creating the javascript platform, pulling in data to display over the top. Will then go on to creating our own tile server based on data (I’ll use the abbreviation OSM) in future articles.

What We Look for in Employees

After a long break from blogging due to arrival and care of a couple of small children, I’m now hoping to get back in the habit again, so here goes.

Our company Concept First has currently been advertising and interviewing for a job position, and I wanted to feedback to the candidates that we didn’t invite in, what we were looking for, and suggestions on how to improve their CVs.

Upgrading OS X to Leopard

Having just returned from two holidays: Colorado with a motorbike (lovely people, stunning scenery) and Firenze with my lovely girlfriend (lovely people, stunning architecture and art) I decided to update my OS X partition to the new shiny leopard. Here are a couple of notes of how I got on, which is hopefully useful to anyone else doing the same.