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Interface RTTI

Reading an article and its follow up by Hallvard about RTTI inspired me to put together a couple of posts about two related areas of RTTI in Delphi. In particular one of the comments on Hallvard’s blog about using this RTTI to call objects in some late bound fashion. This post and the next cover some of the advanced RTTI that I haven’t seen covered in other places. This post covers some of the possibilities for Interface metadata, and the next one will contain details about richer class RTTI for methods.

Class Helpers: Good or Bad ?

One of the things I love about the latest versions of Delphi is the compiler changes, originally made for .Net, that are being rolled back into Win32 code. I like finally having procedures in records, and I love class helpers.

Class Helpers

Helper classes were introduced in Delphi 8 as a way of binding the VCL to the .Net framework. To quote the Delphi help: “Class helpers are a way to extend a class without using inheritance. A class helper simply introduces a wider scope for the compiler to use when resolving identifiers.”

Very simply, they allow you to add your own code to existing objects without requiring the source code or recompiling. The new code only has public access to the original object, so it cannot access private or protected data.

Why Blog


  1. There are lots of technical details about delphi I’ve explored that may be useful to other developers. I’ve learnt loads from the Delphi community and I’d like to return the favour
  2. There are lots of design ‘discussions’ (i.e. arguments) i’ve had with other developers, especially my busness partner, and I’m interested in the opinions of other people on the issues
  3. To quote Paul Graham: “Expressing ideas helps to form them”

I’ve been meaning to write a blog, and host it, for a while, but haven’t got around to writing a web application to host it (although I’m still looking at doing it in RoR just to learn what all the fuss is about. So I’ve decided to host this on blogger for the moment, and maybe move it at some future point.