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Software Conservatives and Liberals

I ran across a great article again, one I originally read six month ago, written by Steve Yegge (Googlier, used to work at Amazon, outspoken about many design topics), and remembered how great it was:

I won’t ruin the article for you, but I think this is a very valuable way to look at your style of software, and to take this into account when choosing work for customers. You may end up working in a way that wouldn’t be your first choice, but at least being aware of divergent outlooks can warn you about where there is likely to be disagreement and push back on design choices.

If you like those posts, most of his other posts are definitely worth reading, I especially liked execution in the kingdom of the nonus.

Great Dilbert Cartoons

These really rung true for me.

The centralise – decentralise dance: Centralise

I don’t think we need complicate the document with alternatives: Careful with the truth

Windows Gets Docker

As I mentioned before, I really believe Docker would help the windows ecosystem. All my clients end up having loads of server boxes, doing nothing, with 1 app per box, just to keep the isolated so nothing breaks something else.

Docker gets all the advantages of virtual machines, within out the overhead, making better use of hardware, saving money, burning less fuel, and causing world peace ;–)

Microsoft have just announced a partnership with Docker to add the necessary OS support for container deployment !!

They have obviosuly been researching this for a while, see this MS research project Drawbridge

Azure Lessons

I’ve spent a frustrating week trying to get a legacy app running against SQL Server into the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Here are the things I wish I knew before I started:

Leaflet Map With Google Maps and Geolocation

Here is a leaflet.js map, using plugins to show various sources including OpenStreetmap, MapBox and Google Maps. It also includes a search facility using the OSM geolocator.

It’s mostly here for my own development use. You can pass a lat/lng on the query string to auto centre and zoom the mapp when loaded, e.g. lat=51.5&lng=0&zoom=16 gives us greenwich